TEGA project partners are four Higher Education Institution (HEI) which have a significant experience in exploring and applying innovative teaching in their universities:

London South Bank University

United Kingdom


Each partner brings their own unique experience in applying games in teaching and has been appointed to lead an Intellectual Output (IO) for the project.

Intellectual Output 1

Vilnius University has wide expertise in the implementation of e-learning material for training different target audiences. VU will lead the development of the Best Practices Report.

Intellectual Output 2

LSBU has strong experience in leading and delivering large EU funded projects and therefore will be responsible for overall leadership of the project. In addition LSBU will be responsible for the development of the TEGA Methodological Guide.

Intellectual Output 3

Lusofona University has extensive expertise in the field of game-based learning and gamification in both national and international projects and will be responsible for the development of the TEGA online course .

Intellectual Output 4

HOU has a wealth of experience in developing and supporting e-learning platforms, Massive Open Online Courses and online platforms for communities of practice.HOU will take on the leadership of TEGA Community of Practice.

All four partners have a common interest and relevant experience in game-based teaching and will contribute to the development of all the Intellectual Outputs.