What’s the project for?

Training the Educators to Facilitate the Teaching and Assessment of Abstract Syllabus by the Use of Serious Games (TEGA) is a project funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme.

It has been designed to enable a more inclusive higher education system which will promote and reward excellence in teaching and students’ skills development.

The project objective is to promote game-based learning based on extensive best practices from experts in the industry. It intends to support the needs of students during the learning process in acquiring key skills such as critical thinking, cooperation, team spirit, as well as innovative and analytical thinking.

Game-based learning has shown to produce better learning outcomes, when compared to traditional teaching approaches.

Therefore, applying game-based teaching in education, alongside the support of a community of practice among professionals, will enable the educators to be more effective in their jobs and have life-long improvement in their skills.

Who is the project for?

TEGA is bringing Higher Education professionals together to be trained to design and deliver the teaching materials that will lead to a positive learning experience for all types of VARK (Visual, Audio, Reading and Kinaesthetic) learners and students despite their differences in learning styles, benefiting each of these groups.

The project has been created for supporting educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff who are willing to make a difference in shaping a truly and effectively inclusive higher education system.

Jobs and roles who would benefit from TEGA input:

  • Higher Education Institutions academic staff developing and delivering the curriculum in business/languages schools or departments
  • Consultants and training providers involved in designing and developing Vocational Education and Training (VET) and HE methodologies
  • Governmental representatives involved in shaping the national/regional curriculum
  • Staff developing and delivering teaching in VET institutions
  • Informal Educators

How will the project deliver training?

A Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) with an assessment system

An e-learning course will provide participants with the required teaching tools and knowledge to help change their daily approaches to the learning process. This will help them implement game-based strategies using materials that enable simulation, such as building blocks. It can be tailored to a specific subject, to the needs of educators or students and can also be easily implemented in different study areas, or for other types of audiences.

This game-based approach will foster motivation and engagement through the integrated in-game assets such as challenges or badges. The methodology strengthens foundational skills, as well as building competence for more complex skills.

A “Community of Practice” among professionals

The Community of Practice will enable collaboration among professionals and will ensure a sustainable dynamic exchange of innovative practices all over Europe. This will facilitate the creation of the EU Network of Practitioners of TEGA game-based teaching.

The online platform and the exchange of existing effective practices will help to adjust the role of cultural perspective and lead to a more standardised approach.