TEGA aims to transform the traditional education approach and give all the students (including the ones with learning disabilities, the non-native language speakers, the more introverted personalities, among others) equal opportunities, to promote best practices in the field and enrich the skills of HE’s educators.

The objectives of TEGA project are as follows:

  • To promote training opportunities to HE facilitators in the implementation of game-based learning strategies in teaching
  • To foster students’ access and participation in the field of HE through the dissemination of more inclusive pedagogical approaches
  • To promote evidence-based approaches to the implementation of games in higher education and best practices in the field
  • To explore in-depth the methodological, pedagogical and also skills and competencies assessment aspect of the use of games in educational setting
  • To disseminate the required innovative resources and game-based methodological assets openly, to capacitate a broad range of HE professionals
  • To promote collaboration among professionals and foster an interactive community of practice as a strategy to foster long-term and sustainable peer exchange in the field of HE